Monday, 26 March 2012

Jill Flint Back In Good Wife (25 March)

Today i bump into an interesting review by Matt Richentha from about the scene's Jill Flint Play as Agent Lana Delaney out in recent episode of THE GOOD WIFE

here the quotes From the review by Matt Richentha from

As for Kalinda and Agent Delaney,
but are we meant to understand what's going on yet? Lana is angry because Kalinda dissed her job offer? And/or her personal advances? So she's simply making life difficult, tax-wise, for her former storage compartment make out mate? That isn't very mature of you, Agent Delaney.
But it did lead to Kalinda once again using her sexuality to get the upper hand in a situation, albeit in the opposite way from his this tactic usually goes.

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Later today i will post the scene cap's & video of Jill Flint from the episode :) ..STAY TUNE FOR IT

hope you guys tell us what you think about Jill  on THE GOOD WIFE

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