Friday, 9 March 2012

Mark Feuerstein on set as film crews wrap up shoot at Bedford Village Inn.

The Bedford Village Inn has seen its share of famous faces. Heck, nearly every presidential candidate in the last 20 years or so has appeared at a Politics and Eggs breakfast or similar political event at the inn.

The historic location has hosted many other famous political and celebrity names over the years, but last night, the inn's grand ballroom was transformed into a Hollywood set, complete with the bright lights, cameras, extras and, of course, a handful of notable lead actors and actresses.

Organizers for Joss Wheden's "In Your Eyes," a sci/fi romance, chose the BVI primarily for it's traditional New England charm and beauty, said producer Michael Roiff.

Last night's scene featured a formal dinner with actor Mark Feuerstein and actress Zoe Kazan, though producers requested details of the scene remain a surprise.

Other stars featured in the film include Dirty Dancing's Jennifer Grey, Michael Stahl-David and Twilight's Nikki Reed.

According to a release from the BVI, "In Your Eyes" is about a woman in New England and a man in New Mexico that have a supernatural connection where they see through the other person's eyes and feel the other person's emotions while on opposite sides of the country. Eventually, they are able to speak to each other through this connection, begin to fall in love, and come together in New England, meeting in person for the first time. The scene where they meet in person takes place in the BVI’s Great Hall at a staged fundraiser.

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