Friday, 2 March 2012

Reshma Shetty At Oscar gift suites: Going green and giving back

Getting free stuff and services isn't the only reason celebrities flock to the many gifting suites that pop up around L.A. leading up to big-time events like the Academy Awards. Most of them have charity partners and many also have eco-conscious elements and vendors to balance the conspicuous consumerism.

At the even they caught up with our Royal pains Star

They also caught up with "Royal Pains" star Reshma Shetty, who shot an upcoming episode of "Grey's Anatomy," playing an accountant, and did some travel and promotion on her break from the USA medical show, which she resumes filming next month for the third season, set to premiere this summer. "I love the charity aspect of it," she said of the gift suite, and outlined her eco-practices. "I always recycle. I've started to take my own bags to shop, and we have filtered water so I don't need a lot of bottles."

Source: MNN

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