Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Royal Pains Season 4 Do Hank and Evan Reconcile? (Spoiler Alert)

On March 15th Shari from get a great opportunity to intertiew our ROyal Pians Lead star Mark Feurstein, the reported had open of some wonderful question of Mark and i would say he answer it well , so not further delay let jump in into the short interview by Shari from

I had the opportunity to speak with Royal Pain’s Mark Feurstein for an event he will be emceeing (will have that write up in a bit).
Thankfully, Mark was late for the call, so it wasn’t hard for me to guilt him into giving our fans of Royal Pains a spoiler for Season 4.

When we last saw Hank and Evan there was a major rift between the brothers .   Will they or won’t they reconcile?
Mark stated,

“In the hands of less edgy and brilliant writers  another version of Royal Pains would have us making up in the first five minutes of the premiere and get back to business at Hank Med.  But our brilliant writers  have chosen to  embrace the great schism, as it will become known in tv history, between Hank and now Hank Med as run by Evan.”

Mark revealed the schism between Hank and Evan goes epic and global.  The brothers actually repair the personal aspect, but continue the rift professionally –  it begs the question “how will this effect Hank and Evan down the road ? "  because they truly are breaking up the company which has brought them back together.

What do you think – can it work?


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