Saturday, 3 November 2012

ROYAL PAINS Star Mark Feuerstein Spotted at ABSINTHE

Once again, the hottest show on the Strip, ABSINTHE at Caesars Palace continues to attract famous faces to its venue. Last night, spotted enjoying the hilarious antics from The Gazillionaire, his assistant Penny Pibbets and the eccentric cast of performers was USA Network’s Royal Pains star, Mark Feuerstein. Feuerstein also attended the show with fellow co-stars Michael Silver, Charley Koontz, and Executive Producer Andrew Lenchewski.

 Following the show, the lovely ladies of ABSINTHE used their charming skills to persuade Feuerstein to stay for a photo, which he happily obliged to. Check it out below!

ABSINTHE is the fantastical blend of carnival and spectacle, featuring wild and outlandish acts in a theatre-in-the-round presentation suitable for all seasons. Audiences are treated to a night of imagination and excess with performances that amaze and inspire. The cast of eccentrics evoke thrills and chills as they perform amazing feats of virtuosity within mere feet of the audience surrounding the intimate stage.

 Photo Credit: Joseph Sanders/Spiegelworld 

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