Friday, 10 February 2012

Evan Lawson

Evan R. Lawson (Paulo Costanzo)

Hank Lawson's brother. He is an accountant (CPA), makes himself Hank's CFO after he establishes "HankMed" as well as the unofficial Public Relations Manager. He views the Hamptons as a place to pursue attractive women, especially Divya, who continually rebuffs him. He is materialistic, especially in comparison to Hank and when promised money and fun, he is up to do anything. He tries to promote HankMed against Hank's will, and many of his subplots revolve around him engaging in some scheme against Hank's wishes that ends up going wrong. When Hank is given a Tesla all-electric roadster by "New Parts" Newberg and her dog Koufax, Hank in turn gives it to Evan. In episode 12, "Wonderland", Evan invests all the capital from HankMed into a con stock company investment with a broker who turns out to be his and Hank's father, only to leave and inform his brother that he is going to try and get it back. He is a womanizer but it is often hinted that he is attracted to Divya, as he continues to make passes at her despite her rather harsh rebuffs. She kisses him passionately in episode 10, "Am I Blue?", to keep him from getting beaten up by the angry boyfriend of a girl Evan had been trying to be "just friends" with. By the second season finale, he has finally in a serious relationship with Paige Collins and at Hank's urging has left with her for a trip to Europe.
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