Friday, 10 February 2012

Hank Lawson

Henry "Hank" Lawson (Mark Feuerstein)

A successful New York ER doctor soon to be married to his lovely fiance, he was dismissed from his job because he triaged a dying teenager before a billionaire hospital benefactor. The benefactor dies, after being initially stabilized following a femoral artery catheterization, from causes attributed to pericardial tamponade. Hank stands up for himself by stating he saved the kid. He spends the next month in a tailspin of broken engagements and unpaid bills before his brother convinces him to attend a posh party in the Hamptons. At the party, he saves supermodel April, and wins the favor of the German nobleman, Boris. This leads to referrals to other rich clientele. Despite Hank's dislike of the upper class, a potential love interest in local hospital administrator Jill Casey convinces him to become a concierge doctor. He drives a well-aged Saab 900 Turbo convertible. He is originally from New Jersey and sometimes throws a Jerseyism into his speech. In the episode "Keeping the Faith", he mentions that he is Jewish..

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